The following products are provided by Worksite Marketplace through the leading Worksite Carriers in the marketplace. Many times we may be able to offer you a product you have seen before, but with a better underwriting offer for your client, many times on a Guaranteed Issue basis, with a higher commission level. We also have current national groups you may be able to write business in, if you join Worksite Marketplace by contracting with one of our Carriers. We CANNOT contract you if you are already contracted with that carrier, but may be able to offer you a better product through another one of our outstanding worksite carriers. Please take a moment to review the outstanding products listed below! If you are a Business owner, HR Director, Association or Union, please see the “Find a Trusted Agent” area at the bottom of the page, and we will find a Worksite Marketplace agent in your area that will provide you with a quote and details on the product(s) you are interest in.

Accident Plans

Accident Insurance plans that pay an indemnity benefit or actual charges based on an EOB. Wellness benefit and many other riders are available. Let us help you customize a program that meets your client’s specific needs.

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Cancer Insurance Plans

Lump Sum or specific benefit polices available for your client. Coverage may be included with your Critical Illness plan, or sold as a separate policy depending on your client’s situation.

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Critical Illness Plans

Offer comprehensive critical illness coverage to groups from 1 employee or more on a lump sum basis or choose from programs offering a wide selection of coverage options, many with benefits that can be used more than once.

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Group Health Insurance

Advantages of a "Self-Funded" plan, without all the risk!

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Hospital Indemnity Plans

Hospital Indemnity plans that provide daily benefits as well as benefits for emergencies, doctors’ visits, specific injuries and surgery. HSA Compatible plans available, as well as plans with a large initial payout if hospitalized with a covered accident or illness.

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Identity Theft Coverage

As identity theft is on the rise, and new forms of identity theft like, medical, tax and criminal record creation are also now taking place, our carriers are offering programs to protect your clients and their families.

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Life Insurance

Term Insurance, Universal life and whole life insurance plans, many times offered on a guaranteed issue basis to your employer groups.

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Limited Medical Plans

An option for those individuals without a major medical plan or unable to obtain coverage, a limited medical plan may help pay some of the bills on a limited basis.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Programs offering coverage for nursing home care, assisted living and home health care with increasing benefits and options to choose the level of coverage that fits your client’s needs and budget.

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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability insurance beginning after 6 months or 1 year and benefit periods from 5 years to age 65. Offer coverage on a voluntary basis for employees with as little as 5 employees.

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Non-Insurance Benefit Plans

Interest in non-traditional benefit packages that can include health related benefits, lifestyle benefits and discounts for services and products are increasing as employees or members look for ways to save money.

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Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability Insurance with Elimination Periods from 0/7 to 180/180 and Benefit periods from 3 months to 2 years. On and off the job coverage and guaranteed issue available for most groups.

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Vision Programs

Programs from fully insured to discount plans offer your client the coverage needed to help pay for exams, Glasses and contact lenses. Some programs offer discounts for...

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Voluntary Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance with coverage for preventative services, filings, crowns, bridge work and other major services. Many plans allow you to choose your own dentist. Some plans also offer orthodontics as well. May be offered down to a one person group.

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