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Voluntary Dental Insurance

Voluntary Dental Insurance coverage helps pay for basic services including checkups, cleanings and comon procedures. The importance of regular dental visits cannot be overstated and are considered as important as regular medical checkups.There is a strong connection between the health of the teeth and mouth, and overall health.  Diseases of the teeth and gums can identify risk factors for diabetes, kidney and heart disease, stroke, pre-term birth, and some cancers. .

Voluntary Dental Insurance benefits can be purchsed with a variety of deductibles, benefit periods, and benefit percentages based on the type of service provided.

Preventive Dental Benefits
These include oral exams, x-rays, cleanings and flouride treatments.  Certian benefits are only available to dependent children with age maximums.

Basic Care Benefits
Basic care benefits cover frequently covered services such as sealants, fillings and simple extractions.

Major Care Benefits
Major care benefits of Voluntary Dental include prosthetic and restorative treatments such as crowns, bridgework and root canal therapy.

Orthodontia Benefits (Optional)
Orthodontia benefits may be added to some plans. These benefits are usurally available to enrolled dependent children.


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